We care about health and safety. This is why we continuously train and qualify our technicians to meet our clients’ demands but also our self-imposed high OSH Standards (occupational safety and health).

Minimum Offshore Trainings / Qualification

  • First Aid (Offshore)
  • Usage of PPE (personal protective equipment) and Rescue from Hights
  • Preventive Occupational Medical Care
  • Offshore Training (HUET, Sea Surveival, Fire Fighting)
  • Crane Operator Training

Individual additional Trainings / Qualifications

  • Gear Box and Main Bearing Endoscopy
  • Switching Authorization for medium and high Voltage Switch Gears
  • Rope Access Technics Level 1-3
  • Competent Person to check Ladders, PPE & Winches
  • SCC Certificate
  • Helicopter Hoist Training
  • etc.
Service U-Boot

Scope of Work (extract)

  • Site / Platform Management
  • Large Correctives / Main Component Exchanges
  • Endoscopies
  • Electrical and Mechanical Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Blade Inspections and Repairs
  • Quality Surveilance / Walk-Downs / Final Acceptance / Client Rep
  • Checks of Winches and Lifting Equipment
  • Checks of Ladders and Steps
  • Checks of Electrical Equipment
  • Checks of Crane Maintenance
  • Checks of turning moment (e.g. bolts)
  • Corrosion Protection Works
  • Oil Exchange
  • ...

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