Onshore References

Erection, Commissioning & De-Commissioning

  • Erection & Commissioning of Vestas V80 in Konin
  • De-Commissioning of Vestas V80/90 > 1,65 MW in Germany
  • Erection Vestas & Tacke WTG > 2MW in Germany and Bieszczady, PL
  • Erection & Commissioning of Nordex N117 WTG in Kamienica, PL
  • De-Commissioning of Nordex N52 WTG N43 / 52 in GER und V27 in DK
  • Erection, Commissioning & Maintenance HSW 1000 kW in Kutno, PL
  • Erection of 8x WTG Vensys 1.2 MW in Szadek, PL
  • Erection of 12x WTG Dewind D4,D6
  • Erection of 50x WTG GE 2,75 MW near Koszalin PL, GER, BE
  • Erection of 8x Enercon E66 & 2 E70 near Koło, PL
  • Erection of 75x WTG V112 in Ireland, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Poland
  • De-Commissioning & Re-Commissioning 12x WTG TACKE GE 1,5S near Schleiden
  • De-Commissioning & Re-Commissioning 5 WTG Bonus MKIV 600kW near Hannover
  • De-Commissioning & Re-Commissioning 10 WTG Dewind D4 / D6 near Trier and WindWorld 750
  • Erection of 15x WTG GE1.5 in Rusiec, Błaszki, Kazimierz, Gorzów
  • De-Commissioning 5x Enercon WTG E40 & 6x E66 in GER near Husum
  • De-Commissioning & Re-Commissioning 6x WTG E66 in Rotterdam, NL
  • Erection of 5x WTG HEAG 1,5 MW in Belarus
Onshore References